White Island

Principal Cast: Billy Zane, Billy Boyd, Joel Dommett, Elliot Gleave

Release Date: 21st October 2016

Director: Benjamin Turner

Producer: Leo Pearlman

Company: Fulwell 73

Official Website: www.whiteislandfilm.com


When Connor's best friend become innocently embroiled in the plans of a gang in Ibiza, he is the only one who can help him, but it means returning to the island he has avoided since the tragic death of a friend. Once back, Connor is reunited with Leo, his former boss and mentor, an American draft dodger turned hippy. Only thing is, Leo is trying to kill himself. Connor and Leo's journey teaches Leo that every day is precious and Connor that his life in London is not as perfect as it seems and that if he deals with his past, there is only one place he'll ever be truly happy...Ibiza.